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We don’t just stage your house ~

We welcome them home .

We provide you with a checklist of home staging suggestions during a consultation. We stage rooms to showcase their potential in order to make the biggest impact on potential buyers. We style your home to make a statement. This is ideal for larger to average homes, vacant homes or homes that need significant de-cluttering.

No matter the challenge, we're here for you!

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"After owning and operating a business in the beauty industry for over 36 years, I have now turned my sights to staging beautiful homes. All my years of having a keen eye for colour palettes and symmetry, I am now applying those skills to staging homes.

I have a tremendous understanding of the emotional aspect of buying and selling homes. My goal is not just to stage a house, but to create a home in which buyers can see themselves living in. A home should be a reflection of a lifestyle and its decor should tell a story. Even the smallest update or organizational change can have a tremendous emotional impact, because let’s face it: often it is the emotional connection that will sell a home.

Your home is where you live, not just physically ,but spiritually and emotionally as well.

Nate Berrkus, Interior Designer

Ultimately, my goal is to create an emotional connection with buyers and their future home or owners and their current home. Staging leaves a lasting impression that transforms a house into a home."

Hand-Painted Elegant Muted Watercolor Wave Swashes


       Monica Thornhill

Meet the Team…


~Melanie McTigue ~

~Jane Knight~

"I have been lucky enough to see some of the homes that Monica has staged. I am a Realtormyself and she is definitely my go-to stager for my clients! She is top notch and amazing to work with. One of the nicest people I have met."

"I have had the pleasure of seeing a couple of houses Monica has staged and they were just beautiful. I would not hesitate in using her services to sell my house. She is a very talented lady."

The transformation of a Century Home

Before & After


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